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Blow up the balloon and tie it with a string. Do not cut the string ends. 2. Protect your table top with newspapers. In a small bowl, dilute six tablespoons of white liquid glue with three tablespoons of water. (Make more glue as needed.) 3. Tear off small pieces of

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Chip Clips

Paint the clothespins the colors you wish. With a contrasting color of paint, write the name of the snack bag the clip is for, such as; chips, pretzels, nachos, etc.. If you like, you can just paint a design or a persons name on them. Glue a button, jewel, or

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Homemade Bath Salts

An inexpensive gift for kids to make is bath salts. You’ll need Epsom salt, food coloring, and potpourri oil. You combine the salt with a few drops of desired food coloring, and a few drops of potpourri oil. Stir or shake until all is mixed up, and then pour into

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Lavender Sachet

To make a sachet that will hold about one cup of dried lavender, fold a piece of 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper in half, and draw one half of a heart shape so the center is on the fold. Cut along the lines, and unfold the pattern. Fold your fabric in half,

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