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Baby Gift

Lay the washcloth flat and fold the bottom part of the cloth leaving an inch and a half space on one side. Lay out the baby items so you can mark the spots where you sew it up to make the little compartments. Tuck the ends oftwo 8-inch-long ribbons into

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Fish Pillow

Fold burlap in half, making it 12″ x 23″. Stitch 1″ seams on both ends and across long side, leaving about 8″ open. Turn other side out. Cut a piece of bright blue felt 3 1/2″ square; position in diamond shape for head, on front of burlap about 1 1/2″

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Splat Mat

1.Place vinyl adhesive sheets on top of the fabric. Flip so that the wrong side of the fabric is facing upward. 2.With iron set on medium-heat, press the fabric and vinyl together. Place the paper on the bottom of the vinyl and don’t leave the iron on long at all.

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Soap Gifts

Spray the molds you intend to use lightly with vegetable oil. Cut the glycerin into 1″ cubes with a sharp knife. Fill 1 cup measuring cup with cubes and microwave on high until cubes are melted. Note: This normally takes about 1 minute but microwave ovens may vary. Pour the

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Cut a picture from the cover of a greeting card the size of a bookmark. Punch a hole in the bottom center of the cut out picture. Cut several lengths of thread or yarn and make a tassel through the hole in the bottom of the card.