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Mummy Kid Craft

Materials cardboard black paint paintbrush white yarn scissors glue dots tape googly eyes Instructions: Draw a person shape on cardboard and cut it out Paint the front of your cardboard with your black paint and let dry completely. Use glue dots to glue on your googly eyes.  When your cardboard

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Mother’s Day Coupons

Cut cardboard hearts out of heavy construction paper. Write messages on the hearts to tell mom what she can collect when she hands the coupons in. Some examples might be: This coupon good for 1 big hug This coupon good for 1 kiss This coupon good for This coupon good

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Soap Gifts

Spray the molds you intend to use lightly with vegetable oil. Cut the glycerin into 1″ cubes with a sharp knife. Fill 1 cup measuring cup with cubes and microwave on high until cubes are melted. Note: This normally takes about 1 minute but microwave ovens may vary. Pour the

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Dancing Spoons

Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard (which is slightly longer than the size of the spoon) several times until enough yarn has been wrapped to make a hula type skirt which will be wrapped around spoon. Remove yarn from hand and cut through all layers of one side of

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