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Blow up the balloon and tie it with a string. Do not cut the string ends. 2. Protect your table top with newspapers. In a small bowl, dilute six tablespoons of white liquid glue with three tablespoons of water. (Make more glue as needed.) 3. Tear off small pieces of

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Lavender Sachet

To make a sachet that will hold about one cup of dried lavender, fold a piece of 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper in half, and draw one half of a heart shape so the center is on the fold. Cut along the lines, and unfold the pattern. Fold your fabric in half,

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Dancing Spoons

Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard (which is slightly longer than the size of the spoon) several times until enough yarn has been wrapped to make a hula type skirt which will be wrapped around spoon. Remove yarn from hand and cut through all layers of one side of

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String Easter Egg

This is a messy craft so you will need to Cover work area with something like a plastic tarp (so things don’t stick to it) or large plastic bags. Blow up balloons to the size you want your finished egg decoration to be. Multi colored string looks great as well

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