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Lavender Sachet

To make a sachet that will hold about one cup of dried lavender, fold a piece of 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper in half, and draw one half of a heart shape so the center is on the fold. Cut along the lines, and unfold the pattern. Fold your fabric in half, right sides together, and pin the two layers together. Lay your template over the fabric, trace the heart with tailor’s chalk, and cut out the pattern.

Make sure the layers are pinned together and sew around the perimeter of the heart, allowing a 1/4-inch seam. Leave a 2 1/2-inch opening for the lavender. Turn the sachet inside out, and press with a steam iron. Fill the sachet with the lavender florets and slipstitch the opening.

To add a ribbon loop so the sachet can be suspended from a hanger or hook, cut a piece of ribbon to a length of 16 inches. Fold it in half lengthwise, and tie a knot about 3 inches from the top to create a loop.

Hand-sew the knot to the top of the heart, and trim the ends.

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