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Mother’s Day Coupons

Cut cardboard hearts out of heavy construction paper. Write messages on the hearts to tell mom what she can collect when she hands the coupons in. Some examples might be: This coupon good for 1 big hug This coupon good for 1 kiss This coupon good for This coupon good

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Potpourri Teddy Bear

1.Fold a piece of calico in half. 2.Draw the teddy bear shape with the marker pens onto the calico. 3.Using a very small stitch (keeping stitches close together) sew around the shape of the bear, using the line made by the marker pen as a guideline. (Get the kids to

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Bean Bag Friends

1.Decide on the shape and size of your bean bag creature. 2.Cut out two pieces of material in the desired shape.(cut the two pieces a little bigger than required to allow for space taken up when they are sewn together.) 3.Place the two pieces of material wrong sides out. Mark

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Peanut Pals

Color the shells with water paints and let dry. Glue some small scraps of yarn on the top of the thinnest end of the peanuts for hair. With markers, draw a face on the peanuts head. Cut the pipe cleaner into small pieces for arms and legs. Glue the arms

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