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Egg Carton Caterpillar

Cut the cover of the egg carton off and discard. Cut the bottom of egg carton in half lengthwise. Note: 1 egg carton will make two caterpillars. Paint both halves with bright colors. You can paint each egg slot a different color if you like. Cut the pipe cleaner and

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Dancing Spoons

Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard (which is slightly longer than the size of the spoon) several times until enough yarn has been wrapped to make a hula type skirt which will be wrapped around spoon. Remove yarn from hand and cut through all layers of one side of

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Tooth Fairy Jar

Step One: The Head and the Hands Paint the knob and beads fleshtone; paint the heart gold. With the marker, draw black dots for the eyes and mouth, and write “tooth” on the heart. Blush the cheeks with light coral. Using the brush handle, dot light coral around the edge

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Decorator Pillow

Prewash and dry pillow and fabric following manufacturer’slaundering instructions. Do not use fabric softeners in the washer ordryer. Iron to remove wrinkles. 2. Lay rough (glue) side of fusible web to wrong side of fabric. Iron for3-5 seconds to adhere web to fabric. 3. Cut desired floral design from fabric.

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Christmas Pine Cones

Take the Pine cone and using a small paintbrush or your finger spread some glue onto the inside edges around the cone , then over some newspaper or a bowl , sprinkle Mixed spices over the cone till it collects in the wet glue , give it a little shake

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