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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Here are a few alternative craft ideas for Mother’s Day: Remember, the most important thing is to show your love and appreciation for your Mother. Get creative and tailor the craft to her interests and preferences.

Egg Carton Flowers for Mother’s Day

Egg Carton Flowers are a nice kid’s craft for Mother’s Day. First cut out four sections of the egg carton. Make sure you trim around the edges for a rounder shape to resemble the petals of a flower. Next, let your kids paint their flowers. After the paint has dried,

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Potpourri Teddy Bear

1.Fold a piece of calico in half. 2.Draw the teddy bear shape with the marker pens onto the calico. 3.Using a very small stitch (keeping stitches close together) sew around the shape of the bear, using the line made by the marker pen as a guideline. (Get the kids to

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Easter Chicks

Put some of the paint in a Ziploc Bag, put in the 2 cotton balls and shake until they are yellow. Feet, eyes, and beaks can be cut from orange & black construction paper and glued on. Then you can glue the chick into half of the egg shell.