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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Here are a few alternative craft ideas for Mother’s Day: Remember, the most important thing is to show your love and appreciation for your Mother. Get creative and tailor the craft to her interests and preferences.

Mummy Kid Craft

Materials cardboard black paint paintbrush white yarn scissors glue dots tape googly eyes Instructions: Draw a person shape on cardboard and cut it out Paint the front of your cardboard with your black paint and let dry completely. Use glue dots to glue on your googly eyes.  When your cardboard

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Jack O Lantern Jars

Materials Clean Mason Jar  Orange tissue paper decoupage glue or PVA watered down black paper paint brush, candle or electric tea light Instructions Make sure mason jars are cleaned properly  Cut your tissue paper into squares – 2inch x 2inch is good) Cover the glass in glue and start applying

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Mother’s Day Placemats

Cut out pictures from old mother’s day cards or magazines. Make sure they’re pictures of thing you think your mom would like. Glue the pictures onto heavy construction paper leaving room in between to draw your own pictures or add in little sayings for special poems for mom. Write your

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