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Gingerbread House

Preparation: In a large bowl, thoroughly blend shortening and sugar. Add molasses, egg and vanilla and beat until smooth. In another bowl, sift dry ingredients. Gradually stir dry ingredients into molasses mixture. When mixture becomes too stiff to stir with spoon, work dough with hands until completely blended. Separate dough

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Eggshell Mosaic

Have mom save and wash the eggshells she uses for making recipes using eggs. Place different colors of food coloring into different cups and dip each shell into a different color. Allow the shells to dry thoroughly and then crush them into tiny pieces. Draw a picture of an easter

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Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Spring Chicken Yellow 1 ts Tumeric 2/3 cups Boiling water 1/4 ts Vinegar Wash eggs in mild soapy water to remove oily coating which could prevent dye from sticking. .Add tumeric to boiling water, stir until dissolved. Add vinegar. Simmer for 20 minutes Easter Bunny Brown 1 tb Instant coffee;

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Nature Eggs

If using brown eggs, blow them out. You may use white eggs and dip them in steeped tea to turn them brown. You may also use wooden eggs for this project. Take the toothpick and dip it in the craft glue then dot it onto the leaves or flowers you

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