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Homemade Bath Salts

An inexpensive gift for kids to make is bath salts. You’ll need Epsom salt, food coloring, and potpourri oil. You combine the salt with a few drops of desired food coloring, and a few drops of potpourri oil. Stir or shake until all is mixed up, and then pour into

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Baby Gift

Lay the washcloth flat and fold the bottom part of the cloth leaving an inch and a half space on one side. Lay out the baby items so you can mark the spots where you sew it up to make the little compartments. Tuck the ends oftwo 8-inch-long ribbons into

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Christmas Pine Cones

Take the Pine cone and using a small paintbrush or your finger spread some glue onto the inside edges around the cone , then over some newspaper or a bowl , sprinkle Mixed spices over the cone till it collects in the wet glue , give it a little shake

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