Crafting Wild

We list fun crafts to do for you and your kids!

Mummy Kid Craft


  • cardboard
  • black paint
  • paintbrush
  • white yarn
  • scissors
  • glue dots
  • tape
  • googly eyes


  1. Draw a person shape on cardboard and cut it out
  2. Paint the front of your cardboard with your black paint and let dry completely.
  3. Use glue dots to glue on your googly eyes. 
  4. When your cardboard person is dry, cut small slits all along the shape to help with the wrapping. Tape the end of the yarn to the back of the cardboard (at the top) and begin wrapping the yarn around the face of the mummy, leaving a space open for the eyes. Continue wrapping the mummy all the way down and wrap each of the legs. When you are done wrapping your mummy craft, tape the end of the yarn onto the back of the mummy.
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