Crafting Wild

We list fun crafts to do for you and your kids!

Bean Bag Friends

1.Decide on the shape and size of your bean bag creature.

2.Cut out two pieces of material in the desired shape.(cut the two pieces a little bigger than required to allow for space taken up when they are sewn together.)

3.Place the two pieces of material wrong sides out. Mark a line around the edges of the material as a guide for sewing. Remember to leave a gap so you can fill with rice.

4.Sew along the marked edge. Make sure each stitch is close together, gaps will allow rice to leak out.

5.Once you have sewn the two sides together, turn inside out, and fill with rice. Carefully sew up the remaining section.

6.Stick on the Joggle eyes with glue, and you now have a Bean Bag Friend of your own ready to play!

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