Crafting Wild

We list fun crafts to do for you and your kids!


Blow up the balloon and tie it with a string. Do not cut the string ends.

2. Protect your table top with newspapers. In a small bowl, dilute six tablespoons of white liquid glue with three tablespoons of water. (Make more glue as needed.)

3. Tear off small pieces of tissue paper. Brush diluted glue over the balloon, a small section at a time, and paste on the paper pieces. Overlap the pieces and brush more glue on top. Continue to cover the balloon, making large patches of different colors, overlapping them at edges. Hold the balloon in empty bowl while you work so that it won’t roll all over the place. Leave a 2″ (5cm) patch uncovered around the knot. Then turn the balloon right side up, knotted end down, and cover the top.

4. Use the string to hang the balloon upside down. Let dry overnight.

5. Paste two more layers of paper pieces on the balloon, letting it dry overnight between each layer. You will now have three layers.

6. Cut the knotted end off, pull the balloon out and discard it.

7. Fill the PiƱata with wrapped candies.

8. Paste tissue paper pieces to cover the opening. Let dry. Repeat until you have three layers.

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