Crafting Wild

We list fun crafts to do for you and your kids!

Soap Gifts

Spray the molds you intend to use lightly with vegetable oil.

Cut the glycerin into 1″ cubes with a sharp knife.

Fill 1 cup measuring cup with cubes and microwave on high until cubes are melted. Note: This normally takes about 1 minute but microwave ovens may vary.

Pour the melted glycerin into the molds, cartons or tin cans you have chosen.

Use one drop of soap coloring (color of choice) and swirl in the glycerin until color desired has been achieved. You can also swirl just enough to create a marbleized effect.

Let the soap bars cool for a half hour or more, then turn mold onto waxed paper to release soap. If using milk cartons, simply cut away the cardboard with scissors to release the soap. If using tin cans, use a can opener to remove the bottom of the can, then push the soap through.

Place one sheet of paper doily between two or three bars piled one atop the other, then wrap all bars with ribbon and a bow on top.

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