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Marbelized Paper

Fill one baking dish or dish pan with starch to a depth of about 2 inches; fill the second one with cool water. In custard cups or other small containers, dilute each paint color until it just barely drips from a brush. Then drip colors on top of the starch

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Brandy Glass Candle Holder

Pour the sand into the brandy glass (about 1/4 full). On top of this, place your pebbles or miniature shells over the sand (this should bring the contents of the brandy glass about half full now). Place your small clay saucer on top with the candle in it. Place smaller

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Lace Sachet

Sewing Machine -Using a sewing machine will be a great advantage when making these sachets. However, you will be able to make them using a needle and thread or fusible web when binding them together. 1. Fold the lace square in half and cut it. Fold each half in half

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Eclectic Treat Box

First, you need to determine a theme for the box, then cut pictures, words or designs from the magazines to fit the theme. Glue the pictures to the box, making sure that they overlap so that none of the cardboard is visible. The more cutouts the better. Let dry, then

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Flower Pillows

Prewash and dry pillow and fabric following manufacturer\’s laundering instructions. Do not use fabric softeners in the washer or dryer. Iron to remove wrinkles. Lay rough (glue) side of fusible web to wrong side of fabric. Iron for 3-5 seconds to adhere web to fabric. Cut desired floral design from

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